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Artistic Journey

As early as I can remember I have always loved to create. Coming from a family of artists I have never had to look long before finding pencil and paper and there has always been good advice at hand.


I knew upon leaving school I had to find a creative career. So I turned to graphic design and illustration. From graduating in 2000 I have turned my creativity to many things, from illustrating children’s colouring books to designing beauty products. I’ve designed with in the games industry, packaging, print and corporate branding. However what I really love to do more than anything else is to draw and paint.

So I bought some artist materials and began a new creative journey ... 


My Art and Inspirations


My aim is make to make uplifting, bright, collectable, fine art. 


I try to create special moments when we stop and take a moment to look around and see how beautiful the World is. My inspiration comes from doing just that, whether simply looking at a fantastic landscape or noticing how the different seasons interact with nature.


Often featuring in my work is my loyal companion*, a Miniature Schnauzer called Ted. Walking him always takes me to the most wonderful sights, allowing me to inject beauty and narrative into my work.


I have created a collection of artworks, “Ted’s Marvellous Adventures ” in which he features. 


A recipe for my pictures would read like this -    



• Soft Pastels 

• Happy memories 

• Oodles of colour 

• Photography capturing the beautiful places I have seen and loved

• A big heap of imagination


I hope for people to enjoy my work as much as I did creating it. 

*loyal companion - only if I have a dog treat handy!

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